New Album: The Groove Project – Volume 1: Flights of Fantasy

Submitted in consideration for the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

Release Date: 26 June 2020 | Label: Narked Records | UPC Code: 018736694875

“Beyond the Atmosphere” (Music Video)


The GROOVE PROJECT is a Contemporary & Smooth Jazz supergroup formed in Studio City, California in 2016 by GRAMMY® Award nominated Artist & Producer ARUN SHENOY

The original lineup released a debut concept jazz-funk album titled A STAGEY BANK AFFAIR in the same year. The record was chosen as Album of the Year by Jazziz Magazine’s Critics Pick and dubbed “an explosive, exotic, jazz-funk-rock-barn burner” by noted American journalist and reviewer, Jonathan Widran.

The lineup was shuffled in 2019 by Shenoy into an 8-piece group. The band released their second album on June 26, 2020. Titled VOLUME 1: FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, a concept album about man’s fascination with human flight. 

The lineup has re-shuffled yet again in 2020 by Shenoy into a 5-piece group and the band is currently working on the next album, a concept album based on man’s quest to charter the seven seas. Only Shenoy from the original lineup remains on the current roster.

Notable members and special guests of the band in the past (and present) have included current and former Dream Theater keyboardists Jordan Rudess and Derek Sherinian, GRAMMY Award winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin from the Dave Matthew Band, keyboardist Adam Holzman best known for his long association with Miles Davis, Weird “Al” Yankovic guitarist and GRAMMY Nominee Jim Kimo West, GRAMMY Award nominated arranger Don Hart best known for his long association with Phish, and acclaimed keyboardist Ed Roth.

“First Flight” (Music Video)

“Bird On a Wire (Song for Mo)” (Music Video)

Stream Full Album

  1. 01. Home In the Sky 4:25
  2. 02. Beyond the Atmosphere (Added to Spotify's Official Playlist) 4:24
  3. 03. Ocean of Air 4:31
  4. 04. Gravity (feat. Vahagn Stepanyan) 6:49
  5. 05. Shadows 3:31
  6. 06. To Be a Bird 4:18
  7. 07. Never Touch the Ground 5:03
  8. 08. Leap of Faith (Added to Spotify's Official Playlist) 3:15
  9. 09. Pilot 4:19
  10. 10. First Flight 4:19
  11. 11. Bird On a Wire (Song for Mo) 4:58
  12. 12. Dreams (feat. Vahagn Stepanyan) 4:46
  13. 13. Imagine 9:50